About Chris - Christopher Schmid

About me

My adventure with photography started as a hobby fifteen years ago, when I bought my first DSLR to take snaps here and there, but my main leisure interest remained the jazz guitar. In the past few years however, my passion for photography has grown, nurtured by a love to travel, particularly in Northern Europe and Southeast Asia. Nowadays, my camera and I are inseparable.

Reading about and concentrating on composition and light, rather than keeping the focus on the technical aspects of photography, I slowly began to consciously ‘make’ pictures, rather than just ‘taking’ them. When I review the evolution from my earliest to my present work, I believe I can see a clear transition and progression from a travelogue/documentary style to a more artistic approach. My goal is not only to discover the beauty that lies within nature and its many forms, but also to isolate and transform it into something new; thus capturing the viewer’s interest and evoking feelings. I had the honour and pleasure to learn from David Ward and Bruce Percy, two British landscape photographers, who not only produce contemplative work, but also are delighted to impart their knowledge and expertise to aspiring photographers.

A few years ago, I spent a week photographing the Scottish Highlands. The plan was to capture Glen Coe's stunning landscapes, but the weather wasn’t on my side. The rain was relentless, and I thought about how marvellous it would be, if one could just sit out bad weather. I promptly translated that thought into action, and since then I'm on the road with my trusty bus or travel by air, sea, and land, working and living mostly location independent.

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